Garden State Parkway
Ramp Views
The ramp for exit 63 when travelling south splits. Use the left two lanes for Stafford Park Boulevard. Use the right lane to go east on NJ 72 or the middle lane to go west.
Photos taken November 2019.
The ramps from US 9 and NJ 184 merge together and then split. Bear left to get on the parkway heading north. Bear right for the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95).
Photo taken September 2022.
The ramp for exit 130 splits. Bear right to go south on US 1 or bear left to go north.
Photo taken March 2010.
The ramp for exit 154 passes through a tollbooth and then splits. Bear left for US 46 west. Bear right for Grove Street (CR 623).
Photos taken May 2023.
The ramp for exit 168 ends at a stop sign at Washington Avenue (CR 502). Turn right to go east or left to go west.
Photo taken March 2020.