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Miscellaneous Views
Continuing past the northern terminus of PA 532 leads to the Washington Crossing Bridge, which crosses the Delaware River to New Jersey. The bridge is not part of PA 532 but rather has the unsigned designation of SR 2070. On the other side, there is a traffic light at River Road (NJ 29). Washington Crossing-Pennington Road (CR 546) is straight ahead.
Photos taken December 2015.
These pictures show the Washington Crossing Bridge heading back south.
Photos taken December 2015.
These pictures show the Delaware River as observed from walking across the Washington Crossing Bridge.
Photos taken August 2019.
These pictures were taken in Washington Crossing Historic Park, the site of where George Washington and his army famously crossed the Delaware River to New Jersey to surprise the Hessian soldiers at the Battle of Trenton. For those who watched "Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art" as kids and remember the conversation between Bert and Ernie about why he didn't take the George Washington Bridge (I-95/US 1/US 9), they actually should have been asking why he didn't take the Washington Crossing Bridge, but apparently they hadn't actually been here to know that.
Photos taken December 2015.