Eastbound Views
Welcome to Putnam County! Exit 58 is for Ludingtonville Road (CR 43).
Photos taken September 2020.
Exit 61 is for NY 311.
Photos taken September 2020.
Exit 65 is for NY 312.
Photos taken September 2020.
Exit 68A is for I-684 south. Exit 68B is for NY 22.
Photos taken September 2020.
There is a gap of a few miles between I-684 and the Connecticut border. A sign gives the distances to Danbury and Hartford.
Photos taken August 2013.
The exit numbers start over again just before I-84 crosses into Connecticut. Exit 1 is for Saw Mill Road. The exit itself is located on the New York side of the border when travelling in this direction, and the ramp crosses into Connecticut. I-84 continues into Connecticut straight ahead as the Yankee Expressway.
Photos taken 2013-2020.
East to Connecticut